The international system of medical classification used in procedural coding is what is known as the ICD-10 procedure coding system. The first release of the procedure coding system was done in 1998. Since then there has been the yearly update of the procedure coding system. The health organizations in the US states are charged with the role of maintaining the procedure code sets.


Seven alphanumeric characters consist every code of the ICD-10 procedure coding system.  There is very minimal knowledge out there on the ease and efficacy of the procedure coding system.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid maintain the procedure coding system.


Anatomy is an important element of the icds-10-pcs codes.  In the second axis of the icds-10-pcs,  a particular set of codes appears.  When the universally specific codes appear in other axial position, they are not used on body parts. The difference in codes within the medical and surgical is attributed to the code of axis 2.


Icd-10-pcs uses a unique way of describing anatomy. The codes used divide upper and lower body at the diagram of the human body.  The icds-10-pcs could sometimes be complicated, especially when it comes to coding multiple parts that compose many procedures.


It is a requirement to have extensive knowledge of anatomy for one to select the correct icd-10-pcs codes.  The personal knowledge and are of specialization will determine how well a specialist set the codes. To know more about medical doctors, visit


Before specialists convert the current patient's notes into codes, they must have the knowledge of different terminologies which differ largely from the standard terms.


It may be hard to make the correct choice when it comes to icds-10-pcs due to its very precise definitions.


When the coders from Chicago Hospitals  become used to icds-10-pcs, they become more and more aware of the codes that are supposed to be used for each set of patient's notes. Experience with the coding system will enable the coders to have a proper interpretation of the different codes.  However, coders will need to refer often to the material for coding. Computerized coding has come to ease the coding process and procedure.


Many coders from Florida Medical Doctors have come to realize that icd-10-pcs are not that difficult, but it differs with the previous coding systems. The complexity of the procedure and the clarity of the patient's notes will in large ways contribute to the actual efficiency of producing code.



So the new coding system is not as complicated as people may think.